Never seen it here in the village before
Last night around 20.00,the police had set up a roadblock just around the corner from Highway 24,They seemed more intent on motorcycles,pulling one over and thrusting a yellow torch looking instrument for him to blow into....Several other m/cs already there.They waved me straight through in he car,when I returned about 90minutes later they had gone
Saw them breathalyzing a motorist outside Robinson's Surin the other morning too. They also had another member of the Force capturing the moment on digital camera.
46 dead on Christmas day is an improvement if you believe the statistics of 26 000 a year, = 71 a day.
I did 15 hours driving on 27/28th December and only saw two minor shunts, normal considering the volume of traffic. The first time I drove to Bangkok we saw the aftermath of FIVE major accidents on a weekday.