"Marriage visa"

By chance I knew about this in advance, but be advised that as I was applying for my extension, two guys were told that they needed a new Kor Ror 2. EVERY year. Easily done at the Amphur but needs to be done. Maybe because some guys are switching to marriage extensions this year as some embassies will no longer give proof of income. One WAS Dutch, been here 6 years ...
The lack of an embassy letter should reduce the cost for a yearly extension by over 50%, i.e. previously each letter from the British Embassy cost the best part of 2,400 baht. Now there is only the 1,900 baht fee to Immigration. I find the new rules are in my favour as I transfer to Thailand in excess of 65,000 baht every month of the year. For me, the new rules are easier and cheaper to follow.

Those who do not or can not transfer 65,000 plus baht every month are the ones who have the problem. For them they must show 800,000 in the bank account, 3 months before and 3 months after the extension and not drop below 400,000 for the remainder of the year (if I understand correctly). I suggest the reason many seem to be switching to the extension based on marriage is because they do not to tie up so much capital in a Thai Bank Account or, conversely, they do not have the 800,000 capital available in the first place.
A married American YouTuber living in Thailand, that I follow, recently turned 50. He has always maintained a bank balance over 800k although he only needs to prove half of that for his marriage visa. Although still happily married he has switched to a retirement visa over the marriage visa claiming it’s easier and quicker to renew.
I just thought that was interesting.

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I believe that the retirement route is easier because you don't have to go through the "proof of co-residence" - map of your house, fotos including marital bed and house, Kor for etc, as well as having to go back again 30 days later. Just seems normal to me but it does look off putting the first one or two times.