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    Post a picture of your Breakfast, dinner or lunch, please!

    Nice any way up I reckon:happy-2:
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    Bars in Buriram ?

    Yes been a couple of times since we have been back, different location, but still the same quality.
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    Bars in Buriram ?

    Today we have been to the Romantic Thai restaurant and Pizzeria, located at the original Roma pizza site near the private Hospital in Buriram. Had Thai food only, but it was excellent!! and very reasonably priced. The place is tastefully decorated, and spotlessly clean. The staff were very...
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    Dentist in Buriram ?

    I think you are correct in saying Dentists do not give general anaesthetic. The more complicated procedures would be performed in a Hospital with an Anaesthatist present. I remember have tooth extractions done under gas. There was always a Doctor on hand when this was done. I can still smell...
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    Dentist in Buriram ?

    Showed your picture to the Sis in law, she went white!! This was the place that treated her so badly. She did say though, that it was a guy who had worked on her, so it sounds like you were lucky to have the lady treat you. Sounds like she knows her stuff, so all credit to her. Glad you got...
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    Dentist in Buriram ?

    My Sister in law went there a few weeks ago to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed. After a couple of hours in the chair they gave up on her, and told her to go and try and find another Dentist to do it!! Long story short she had to have the operation done under a general anaesthetic in...
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    Bars in Buriram ?

    Wife and I went to the Swan for lunch today. We both had Thai food that was delicious. Three Farang guys at the same table had the English breakfast, it was huge! and at 185bht an absolute bargain. Thank you Mel, we will be back for sure.
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    Ga Chat market

    Some pic's from that market last night. It was ramming!!
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    Wall we are building soon

    A couple of Questions Alan. Firstly how do you tie the blocks in the wall to the concrete columns? Second, what is the reason for the "cut" course above the 8th course in a couple of the shots?
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    (During the bus journey, they will provide drinking water and bread as free for the passengers.) Are passengers being offered spare seats on a bus normaly used to transport prisoners?
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    And the speed limit there was ??
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    Wall we are building soon

    Impressive Alan. Italthai had better start watching their ass!
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    Satuk Airport

    Agree. Nok Air often has delays or cancelations. Air Asia much more reliable. But in the end I suppose it's down to what time you want to fly that makes the desision for you. Just grateful that we have a local Airport, and don't have to use the Train or Bus.